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It has always been our conviction that the customer improves the company, because it is customers who make our efforts and proposals concrete, and thanks to the work we are offered, we can improve and make new investments in order to grow along with the new needs of our customers. The better able a company is to maintain a faithful clientele, the more it demonstrates the credibility and the product it can guarantee. For this reason, we are proud of our clientele, and list our principal customers below:

  Comau S.p.A. (TO)
Comau service S.p.A.

  Iveco S.p.A. (TO)
Torino Factory
Bolzano Factory
Brescia Factory
Sofim Foggia Factory


Astra industrial vehicles (PC)



  S.K.F. Industrie S.p.A. (TO)
Airasca Factory
Villar Perosa Factory
Bari Factory
Massa Factory
Cassino Factory

  Sitindustrie Group
BSL Italia
BSL Francia








Pradola Serra























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